Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

New Scenery Setting in your Suite?!

Hey guys,
did you see that?

This is a little postcard on your white table in the big room.I saw that in a suite.
The girl name is : Louise.97 !

If you click that thing, than you can see the scenery´s that the person have made!

But this is the only girl were I saw that thing!!!
I haven´t seen it in my suite!!!

Do you know about that?



Anonym hat gesagt…

i've got it
it's what new members get when they sign up, instead of the $25 or however much. Altogether, we get $75 and then ten gifts, the scenery and album thing, plants, table, chair, and other things =)
but, we only get one room :[

Nickschmidt hat gesagt…

This is only for new users as free gift. It gives a new album setting (pink book for new user) too.

katara4 hat gesagt…

i've heard about it...

i think that isnt fair!
we have just got 25$ -.-
and they get interior (i like the char and table :p)

Yo236 hat gesagt…

yh when u make another account you get that and a book that takes u to the album! Plz Visit yo236 my main account and nishjonas thats my new one