Dienstag, 7. September 2010

couture tribute shop!

There's a new tribute shop on stardoll. the clothes are inspired by Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Ellie Saab.
but the prices are very expensive...

what do you think?
will you buy any of them?

Montag, 6. September 2010

Mortal Kiss

there's an online book on stardoll. its called Mortal Kiss.

everyday there will be a new chapter to read and there's a map too, which has to do with the story...

i think it sounds really interesting... but i'm not sure if i read it everyday....

click HERE to go there

what do you think?

Sonntag, 5. September 2010

Make-over 18#

1.) MissLotsaSmiles

your doll is so pretty.... Well, i changed the hairstyle to the 1750sp one and dyed it black. i used the black and white eye pencil and the mascara. then i used the turquoise and black eyeshaddow and in the end the white one to finish the eyes. i used the brightest lipstick for your lips and the blush to finish the whole look. in the end i put the bunny ears on your doll.

2.) s-v-e-t-t-y-9-8
Your doll looks natural, so i decided to make the 'opposite of the look'. i changed the haircolour to black. i used the black and white eyepencil and both of your black mascaras for the eyes to make them a bit bigger. then i made 'shiny' lips with the red lipsticks. i put on your doll the black headband and the rose,which matches to the colour of the lip.

i hope you like it =]

coming up soon:


if you want one too, sign up in comments.
(also doing them with starpoint haircuts... 9000 and under!)

OTTO shop

there's a new shop avaible for germany and austria

click HERE to get the items in your dressing room

what do you think?

i'm back!!

finally, i'm back! ... i'm so happy to be online... lol xD

well, now i'm active again :]

here are some pics i made (i was really bored xD)

i had that dress in my head xD

that pic is NOT edited... i just made it bigger and saved it like that on my mobile phone ^^

no comment :P

Montag, 30. August 2010

hot buys shoes out!

(gaah.. i feel horrible for not posting that much xD)

Anyway, the inspired by H&M hot buys shoes are released!
They price is (compared to the prices of the hot byus dresses)...

i really like those shoes...

what do you think?


Freitag, 27. August 2010

new DOT

there's a new DOT collection in the starplaza.
i really like the brown tones... they remind me of sephora ...

What do you think?

(picture taken from udnerneathstardoll.blogspot.com)

Make-over 17#

1.) 10julia07

i didnt change the haircut, because i like it and i juzst changed the haircolour. i put off the glasses and used the eyeshaddows to make it look like red and a bit black with white. i used the blush and the lipgloss too and in the end i put the rose on the hair.

2.) manyMister

your doll looks quite cute. i just changed the haircolour to a black and not the haircut. i used the purple eyeshaddow to make it darker and the white one to make it brighter. i used the lipstick to make the lips darker and i put the hot buys bow on your doll.

i hope you like it =]

coming up soon:


if you want one too, sign up in comments.
(also doing them with starpoint haircuts... 9000 and under!)

Dienstag, 24. August 2010

SALE in starplaza!

(online for a short time ;D)

the monthly sale is in starplaza again...
there are some good items on sale, and also the hot buys bag!
Do you think its good that a hot byus item is on that sale?

Samstag, 21. August 2010

I'm going on holidays

my mum is house sitting the next two weeks.

there's no internet, so i wont be able to post as much as i did before...

a friend will look after my account, but you wont see me posting often...

and if, then i'm at home, because i'll try to come online as often as i can...

So, see you in two weeks :)

stardoll archieve

The stardoll archieve has a new design, and a new re-releases!

one of them is the patchwork bag. The patchwork bag was released in ocotber 06 and was one of the hot buys. it was rare and many people (nearly me too) paid a lot for it.
i think its a rip off, that stardoll releases old and rare items...
(picture taken from hotbuysaddicted.blogspot.com)

The other clothes were a time ago in starplaza and costed the double amount of stardollars. and the items are for non-superstars!
i'm not sure what i should thinka botu that... well, its good, its the half price and for non-ss, but its still a pity for people, who bought it for the original price...

what do you think?

Free apple-basket

If you are from Germany or Austria you dont need a proxy to get it.

If not, just follow these steps:

- go to 4proxy.de
- write into the URL bar and hit enter
- log in and write into the URL bar: stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=532
- when the page loaded you can logg out and close the web proxy

then it should be in your suite :]

Freitag, 20. August 2010

MSW shop OUT!

The Miss Staroll World - shop is out!

everything is for superstars, except two shirts for each 5$

What do you think?
WIll you buy any of them?

Donnerstag, 19. August 2010


There are new spoilers...
i dont really like them... neither the colour, nor the design... but the blue pants and jacket are cute :3

And as you can see there's a store about the 'Miss Stardoll World' is coming with the clothes in the spoilers..

What do you think?

(pictures taken from underneathstardoll.blogspot.com)

PPQ is out!

You saw the spoilers yesterday, and today they are out!

they are as expensive as i expected them, and for superstars as usual :ll

Do you like it?

Play and earn doll arrived!

Finally, after earning all 70$ from Play&Earn, we got the Play&Earn reward.

Do you like the doll?

Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

Make-over 16#

1.) HotGirl097

i love your doll, it looks so glamorous. well, i just changed the haircolour and not the haircut. i used the mascaras, eyepencils and the eyeshaddow, which matches to the bow, for the eyes. i put blush on the cheeks and at the end i put the earring and the bow on your doll.

2.) styla-12

i really like your medoll, but the hairut isnt really my style. i changed it and the haircolour too. i decided to make a orange / black make-up, which matches to the headband. i used mascara and eyepencil too. at the end i used a bit blush, but i didnt make it too dark.

i hope you like it =]

coming up soon:


if you want one too, sign up in comments.
(also doing them with starpoint haircuts... 9000 and under!)


There are new spoilers!

Some of them are from the PPQ spring 2010 collection..

i really love that green and the red dress...

what about you?

RL version:

known from: hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com

Free dog!

There's a scenery contest for people from the UK...

if you arent from the UK just follow these steps:

- go to goproxing.com
- write into the URL bar: stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=510 and hit enter
- logg into stardoll and just click 'enter competition' (you dont have to write your information into the boxes)
- then logg out

the dog should be in a gift in your suite :]

CREDIT: tmm.peachygals.com

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

Top commentor of the month!

i decided to make a "competition" ...

well, on the left side of the blog you can see a new widget (i cant change it... so there are the old comments still counted) and its based on the last 500 comments.

as top commentor of the month you can win:
- one month blogging on the blog (if you want)
- 20$ or 20$ worth in gifts

how you can enter:
you must have a blogger account and be follower of the blog to be counted. and make comments ;)

i will announce the first top commentor at the semptember, because there are still the old comments counted... and i want to give you time to change that widget ;)

i changed the price. instead of 10$ its now 20$ !

FREE hat, guitar

There's a free camp rock 2 hat and guitar avaible!

just click HERE to get them in your dressing room.
by the way, there's also an interior for 13$ (for non-ss!!) to buy...

Miss Stardoll World UPDATES!!

Stardoll just posted a FAQ on official stardollblog
If you still ahve any questions, you can ask stardoll and they'll update the FAQ.

And you can enter it now... click HERE to go there

What do you think?

Stardollsense invitation!

The blog 'stardollsense' has been renewing and now there are they!
They are having a party on wednesday...

Click HERE to go to the blog

Click HERE to go to StardollSense's suite

Will you be there?

Montag, 16. August 2010

make-over 15#

1.) Nickschmidt

i like the hair, but i changed it, because it hides the eyes. i made smokey eyes and the sparkles of the Luxe eyeshaddow makes the eyes doesnt seem too dark. i put the blush on the cheeks and used the purple highlights to make a 'shiny' effect on the hair. i put off the piercing on the lip and put two moles under it.

2.) lemmy2

your doll is cute but i tried to make another look. i changed the hairstyle to a shorter one and used the black eyeshaddow as basis, then i used the pink one over it, and then again the black eyeshaddow to make it a bit darker. i used the blush to make a natural look and the lipsticks to make 'shiny' lips. at the end i put the two fake eyelashes on the eye and covered them on the right side with the bow.

i hope you like it =]

coming up soon:


if you want one too, sign up in comments.
(also doing them with starpoint haircuts... 9000 and under!)

More identiTee clothes

There were more identiTee shirts released!
they have the smileys on it and i think they are kinda cute.

Do you like them?

Miss stardoll world!

Latest news on the official stardollblog:

(click to enlarge)

What do you think?
Do you like this idea?
Or isnt your country included (like for me)?

click HERE to go to the official stardollblog

Samstag, 14. August 2010

make-up for non-ss

There's nothing new in stardoll. The hot buys top was released, there are no spoilers...

so, here's a tutorial for a make-up... especially for non-ss!!

it should be an inspiration for you and by the way, the MeDoll is snow_fairy7 ... its my 2nd account, which has never been ss, so it's a non-ss account ;]

(click to enlarge)

1.) Step 1 - put the 'harlequin face hearts' on your eyes. it doesnt look good now, but it will change in the next step.

2.) Step 2 - you put the tears on the eyes, to 'make' the eyes. the brown eyes will be good seen then.

3.) Step 3 - be patient! this is the step, which takes most of the time. put the moles around your eyes to make 'eyeshaddow' / 'eyeliner'. try to cover the edge of these hearts to make the eye look rounder.

you can add more or less moles, its up to you.

All together it will cost minimum 40$.. it might be more, but it depends how much moles you are using.
But it's easy to afford, because you have play & earn and you can even save the 1$ per day ;)

And i might make more 'tutorials' for non-ss make-up ;D

new hot buys top released!

The new hot buys top is released! it's inspired by DOnna Karan and cost 9$.

which version do you prefer, the stardoll one or the RL one?
WIll you buy it?

Freitag, 13. August 2010

identiTee shop OUT!!

remember the 'spoilers' abotu the shop?

well, now the shop is out!

its really cheap, but some items are still for superstars.
i think the clothes arent something special, but atleast they are cheap and nearly all for non-ss :)

Do you like the shop?

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Make-over 14#

1.) diva-wwe

the idea with the lips is quite cute, so i didnt change it. i changed the haircut to the 1250sp one, and dyed it black to make a pony with your black accessoires. i used the eyeshaddows to make smokey eyes and in the end i put the purple bow on your doll.

2.) martyna879

i love that hairstyle, but i changed for the make-over. i dyed it brown and put the rose on it. i made glamorous smokey eyes and i used the lipsticks to make 'shiny lips'

i hope you like it =]

coming up soon:


if you want one too, sign up in comments