Dienstag, 17. August 2010

Top commentor of the month!

i decided to make a "competition" ...

well, on the left side of the blog you can see a new widget (i cant change it... so there are the old comments still counted) and its based on the last 500 comments.

as top commentor of the month you can win:
- one month blogging on the blog (if you want)
- 20$ or 20$ worth in gifts

how you can enter:
you must have a blogger account and be follower of the blog to be counted. and make comments ;)

i will announce the first top commentor at the semptember, because there are still the old comments counted... and i want to give you time to change that widget ;)

i changed the price. instead of 10$ its now 20$ !


Chrissi145 hat gesagt…

like it.... :)

Elligrig13 hat gesagt…

Cool comp! ;D

xoxo ♥


Rafi101 hat gesagt…

cool, i wanna join too!!