Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

New hot buys top

Stardoll released a new hot buys top today!

it's inspired by pleasure principal, is for superstars again and costs 10$

i think the price for it, is a bit too high... :l

will you buy it?


Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

Red Hot Buys Clutch

Hey guys,
you know the new Hot Buys purse inspiried by Judith Leiber!
I found this purse in red!!!

Wich colour do you like more?
Red or Yellow?

Love, Waveo

HB purse released

The new Hot Buys purse was released today!

it's inspired by Judith Leiber, it costs 7$ and is again only for superstars ...

Will you buy it?


Free gorilla

you can get a free gorilla!

(picture taken from

All you have to do, is to go to this link:
and click 'adopt me'


New haircuts


sorry that i havent been posting for a while, but i wasnt online...

so, i just recognized that there are new haircuts!!

but they are only for superstars -.-

i really like them, and i'm wearing one of them right now...

but it's so unfair, that only superstars can use them...

Do you like them??


Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

Reader´s Choice

Hey guys,
so this week I present you five couture dresses!

1. Dress by Dior

2. Dress by Ellie Saab

3. Dress by Scherer & Gonzales

4. Dress by Gucci

5. Dress by D&G

Now you can chose one (or more) dresses wich you like and want to see in the Stardoll shop!!!
Love, Waveo

Montag, 25. Januar 2010

February Hot Buys 2010

Hey guys,
the new Hot Buys are in the magazin!!!

The clothes are really cool, but there are not remind me on winter!!!
Something will be in the OTTO shop!
I like the dress, the green jacket, the arm cluff, the jeans and the shoes!
What´s your favourite Hot Buys?
Love, Waveo

You want to be MeDoll of the day?

Hey guys,
you might thought what the MeDoll of the Day is!
Every day I show you one MeDoll wich catch me in my eyes!

Here are some of them:

Now I search the next MeDolls of the day: You

Sign up in comments if you want to be a MOTD and I will show you here!!!


Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Free Scarf

Here's another free thing: its a scarf

how to get it:

1.) go to
2.) write into the URL bar
3.) press enter and logg in
4.) now write into the URL bar:
5.) logg out (and then change your password for your safety)

then its in a gift in your suite =]

known from:


poll to VOTE

a big thx to lilyandmile, cuz she nominated a lot of songs... ;]


now you can vote for 3 of your favourite songs of them...

PS: the poll close automatically on the 29th january


Free handbag

There's something free ...

it's a blue handbag

just follow these steps:

1.) go to
2.) write into the URL bar :
3.) press enter and logg in
4.) then write into the URL bar:
5.) logg out (and change your password... just for your safety!!)

The handbag should be in a giftbox in your suite =)


Freitag, 22. Januar 2010

New role model

Can you remember these spoilers?? :

The clothes are from the New Role model Dian Fosseys

So, they wont be released in the starplaza

(Click HERE to go to her suite)


back to black =)


i think its clearly to see, what won:

i'm going to change it back to black ...



Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010


More spoilers ;)

UPDATE: they are in the starplaza now =]

Vote for your music


i just want to tell you again, that YOU can vote for the music, which should be on this blog....

only 2 songs has been nominated now:

Videophone - beonce feat lady gaga
look for me - chipmunks

So, if you know other goods songs... just tell them in coments and nominate them (i'll put them into a poll soon) =]

you can choose more than one song if you want




some people said, they want the "old" colour of the blog (black)

so, now, YOU can vote and we'll see, what you think about it... =]

we might change it back ;)


New Activity - Reader´s Choice

Hey everyone!
I think it´s time to present our new activity for this blog!
I called Reader´s Choice!
Every week I present you five clothes, and you can tell us what you would like to see in Stardoll !
Here are the five things:

1. Shoes by Versace

2. Shoes by Chanel

3. Shoes by Cucci

4. Shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti

5. Shoes by DKNY

Now it´s up to you to tell us what you would buy in Stardoll !!!
Love, Waveo

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010



we made some changes on the blog... new colours, more active (^^)....

so, we decided to ask YOU , which music we should put on our blog...

so, just tell us in comments, which songs you want to hear on our blog...

every song, which you had said, will be here soon...

But, which are your favourites??




here are a few new spoilers...
not many....

btw these tights ar hot buys, which will be released tomorrow (21th january)

Do you like them?

The rompers are gone


mathildamath told me in a comment, that the rompers are gone

Picture taken from


i dont know why they are gone...

probably it was a mistake from stardoll to re-release them...

Anyway, they are Must Haves from April 2007

i'm glad that i bought one of them....

What about you?
Did you buy one of them or even both?