Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

Lottery Dresses

Hey guys,

this dresses are pretty,this dress are rare and there the most famous and announced dresses and everyone want to have them!!!

I speak from Lottery dresses!!!

I think everybody loves and wants them!
Of course me too! :)

I really like the Pale Blue Gown , the Pink Wedding Gown , the Lindsay Lohan Gown , the Kylie Dress and the White Pale Blue Wedding Gown!!!

Of course there are more Lottery dresses but I couldn´t post them!!!

What´s your favourite?


many new spoilers

here are some new spoilers:

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

i think some of these clothes are the next ELLE collection, because on the pink top is standing the ELLE - logo. But i don't know which is of this new collection..

i really like the black and the green bag, the purple dress and the top / dress (?) next to the purple dress... and of course the black belt ;)

Do you like them..?
What do you think about them?

Samstag, 27. Juni 2009

new banner


do you like my new banner?
its made from my good friend leo...
i want to say thx to him ;)

(and i'm trying to make the same...)

any comments? ;D

Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

New shop!


you have seen the last spoilers - now these clothes are in shop!

the shop is called 'basics' and its very colourful, cheap and pretty ^.^
they are easy to combinate...

and there's the play & earn clock..
but what is this meaning..?
maybe that we all are able to buy the items..?

Do you like the new shop?
will you buy any items of it?

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

many new spoilers!

here are many new spoilers:

all these clothes will be in different colours (like the shoes)...
i think it will be the DIY shop again? (it isnt in starplaza anymore)
i think this clothes are basic to combinate it with others (like the DIY shop)...

but we will see what will happen ;)

What do you think about it?
will you buy any of them..?

(i hope its okay, that i have copied that picture from the stardollportal [click here to go there])

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

disney club gift

i was in my suite.. when suddenly i saw a belt, which i hadnt bought

i think many of you are in the disney club...
so, do you have this belt in your suite? (it was in a shopping box)

When you are in the disney club (you can go with myproxy.ca there), you see this picture on the frontpage of the club

... but my account hasnt got the money (25 00 members), only the belt...

Did you get the money or the belt..?
What do you think of these gifts (we are able to buy them in starplaza)?

free hat & swimsuit!

you want to have these items for free??

* go to http://www.simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u= (after this u= you write your user-ID -> to 'get' that ID go to 'my account' / account settings)
* then you have to sign there.. write fake things there .. like "stardoll@stardoll.com" - just fill up
* then click 'submit'.
in your stardoll suite should be there bags, in which the hat and swimsuit are :)

Montag, 22. Juni 2009

july hotbuys

now you can see the new hot buys collection in the stardoll magazine!

I love all of them.... especially this haircut! i hope stardoll will bring out it!(stardoll is bringing out some 'stupid' haircuts but the cool ones not ^.^ - my opinion)

What do you think about them?
Will you buy any of them?

any comments? ^^

Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

haircut poll

so... there are some new haircuts and i want to know which you prefer.

Here are all haircuts again:

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2009


so... here are again some new spoilers

stardoll brings out a great beach- / swimwear in the last days...

i really like the pink shoes, the swimsuit and the long dress.
the pink shoes will come out on the 19th june 09 - they are hotbuys :)

Do you like them?
What do you think about them?

Walk on the Beach Styled Outfits

Hey everybody,
so there are new styled outfits on Stardoll.
This outfits are very revealing,but pretty.The sunglasses are really cool,but not my style!!!
What do you think?

new haircuts

There are two new hairstyles!

This is the first one:It's short and fresh..^^

i like it.. it's something new ;D

here's the second one:

the hair is very long, and i want to have this hair in real life :p

i like it, because i really like such hairs, but i think this haircut is too long.

What do you think about it..?

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009


i was going through the spoilers and discovered this:

Stardoll will bring out a great swimwear, i think.
Many colours and modern =)

i like/love them very much. Especially the purple and the pink swimsuit, and the shoes too.
I think i will buy them ;D

And here are some new glasses in different colours.

I dont like them very much, because it isn't my style.

What do you think about them?
Will you buy any of them?

Freitag, 12. Juni 2009


I was going through the spoilers when i discovered these 3 clothes:

I think this 'Hannah Montana' shirt will come in shop, because stardoll hasn't ever released such a shirt in starplaza...
The other 2 are adorable

I love the dress ^.^ and i think i will buy it when it is in shop.

What do you think about them..?
Will you buy any of them?

New hb jacket


the new hb jacket has come in shop today

It is inspired by Topshop and cost 8$.
It's cheaper than the other hot buys... so, it's better ;)

I like the colour ... it's quite cute ^.^

Have you bought it already? / will you buy it?

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009

a chance to get the new le dress

for all of you who want to get the new le dress, called "jewelled bandage dress", you have a chance to get it!

Because the people (like me ^.^) are able to sell it!

But i think the people want to hold it or want to sell it more expensive...
But maybe you would pay more than 250 (=original price) for it..?

I think it is worth.. i like it very much and i'm glad that i got it today ;D

Samstag, 6. Juni 2009

Free t-shirt

Do you want this t-shirt?1.) go to www.surfert.nl
2.) write there stardoll.com
3.) log in your account
4.) go to the stardoll magazine -> cinema
5.) after this in your suite should be this t-shirt


Freitag, 5. Juni 2009

new voile dress


i think some of you heard it yesterday.

There was a free dress in voile.

But today i got this mail:(sry, its german^^)

So, stardoll made a mistake...
I think it was cool that it was able to buy for a short time .

But it reminds you of the stardoll's 3rd b-day rdess, right?
Do you like the new voile dress?
Would you buy stardollars to get it (if you havent bought it before)?

I have it already but if i havent it, i wont buy stardollars, because i dont really like it...


Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2009

new spoilers

Do you like them?

I like especially the yellow dress, the glitter dress and the earrings.

xoxo / katara4

New hot buys skirt


the new hot buys skirt is now in starplaza!

It costs 12$ and is for superstars.

(inspired by Topshop)

I dont like this skirt...
but i think i will buy it.

and would you buy this skirt?
what do you think about it?

[btw do you like our new big picure? ;D]