Montag, 31. August 2009

Miss Sixty soon?!

(new banner - lol)

When i logged in, i saw this on the frontpage:

Maybe will Miss Sixty come ("again" - it was for a very short time in the starplaza before) soon?!?
I hope so, i really love the clothes of this shop...

Do you like the clothes of this shop?

Here are some of the clothes (lol, i have still saved it :P), which were in the shop before:

Will you buy some of them, when they will be in the starplaza?

Sonntag, 30. August 2009

3rd gift of wizards on deck club!

All members of the "Wizards on deck" club got a poster, the 3rd gift of the club now!
I've forgotten to post about the t-shirt of this club...

It's in a shopping bag in front of your closet...
I like the poster, but i don't know where to put it :p

Hot Buys glasses in shop!


the new hb glasses were released...

But there are 2 ones (like the hb bag and the sweater)

If you look at the glasses correctly, you can see that the cheaper one is smaller than the other one...

But i think this will change soon...

I bought the cheaper sunglasses for 6$ to save money and i prefer this one...
And i like it very much, because i think it's very fashionable..

Do you like it?
And will buy buy it?

Samstag, 29. August 2009

Double Hot Buys Sweater?

Hey guys,
I was looking and found this in a suit !!!

It´s the new Hot Buys sweater, but I found a double of this in a same suit !!!

The double called "Hot Buys Striped Loose Sweater"...
And there are more double´s like that !!!

What do you think about that?

And wich sweater do you have?


FREE psp dart!


now you can get the 4th free psp gift - the dart!

How to get it:

1.) go to

2.) write into the URL bar:

3.) logg in and wait a few seconds

4.) logg out (and change your password... - to be sure you can't get hacked!)

Then it's in your suite - in a gift :)

Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

wizard club with free stuff

Yep, there's something free again ;D

(click to enlarge)

How to join the club:

1.) go to (i think there it works too) or use a manual proxy.
* the numbers for the manual proxy: port 3128 port 80 port 80

2.) go to

3.) join the club

As you can see, if there are more members (like the jonas brothers club or princess club...) you can win something, like stardollars, a t-shirt etc.

I heard too, if you go to the start page of stardoll, that you have to click there something to get a magic wand, book and a stone (?) (you can see them in the last spoilers!) - but this doesnt work for me -.-'

I hope i could help you!

Dienstag, 25. August 2009

free parfum + Avril Lavigne clothes


yesterday i post about some spoilers.... of Avril lavigne...
yeah, now they are available!

(click to enlarge)

How to get the parfum bottle & a bracelett:

1.) change your manual proxy in Port 80

(here is the instruction again.. how to do a manual proxy:

*if you use mozilla firefox you have to go to tools, then options, then advanced, then network, then settings. Look at the 2 first boxes, write at the first 2 boxes the numbers you need

*if you use internet expoler, you have to go to tools, then internet options, then connection, then LAN settings.
check the use proxy box(The third small box). Write at the 2 boxes the numbers you need. )

2.) go there:

3.) join the club and you will get the parfum bottle
-> if you invite someone (see the picture) you will get a bracelet too!)

How to get the clothes without proxy:

go to the starplaza and search:

black & pink,skirts -> page 4
black & pink, dresses -> page 11
black & pink, shoes -> page 14
black & pink, tops -> page 13

Montag, 24. August 2009

Tutorial: Use a Proxy(Firefox)

You can also see it on my Website with pictures!

I will show you, how to set up a proxy with Firefox, using the addon "FoxyProxy".

1. Download and install FoxyProxy

2. Go to or , and look for a Proxy.

3. If you found a Proxy in your desired country, mark it, rightclick it then click on FoxyProxy, and select "Set as new Host"
, New Proxy and name it

4. Then activate it.

Note: Your connection with Firefox is now quite slow. Google and other websites may not work correctly, 'cause you are then from an other county ;)

Have fun. If you have trouble with Proxies, or any other stuff with your computer, just ask me!
If you are using Internet Explorer, you should use another one, 'cause it's an unsafe browser. Instead I recommend Firefox, Safari or Opera.

• Avril Lavigne PERFUME?! FREE?

I was playing Celeb Quiz, when I saw a comment saying `account for sale`.
So then I went to this person`s suite,
and guess what I found?
The Avril Lavigne Black Star perfume that has been all over the spoilers!
This girl has it!
And it`s free!!
I don`t know how to get it though..
Does anyone know how to get it?
And has anyone seen the Avril Lavigne clothes that have also been all over the spoilers?!

new HB earrings

Maybe you have already seen it: The new hot buys earrings were released today!
(Does anyone know where they are inspired by?)

You can buy them for 6$ if you are superstar (i'm tired of that, because all hot buys are only for ss -.-')
I totally love them ... i think they are quite cute *-*

Will you buy them..?
What do you think about them: Fabulous or ugly?

PS: The hot buys socks hasn't been released yet... - i hope they will come soon!



after a long time without any spoilers, here they are again:

They are reminding me of Avril lavigne's new parfum "black star", because there's a parfum bottle and i think Avril Lavigne likes pink...
Another thoughts are the new LE-collection ... but i don't think so, because LE is more glamorous (my opinion), but it can be a new shop too...

i like them very much, especially the dresses, the skirt and the pants....

And there are other ones too:

I don't know what this is...

What do you think about them...??

Sonntag, 23. August 2009

Why Haven`t the Socks Been Released?

The green Hotbuys Socks have been the pick of the day for several days now.
But they have not been released in the Starplaza yet!
That`s odd...
Even when you press on them,
they will not show up in your dressing room..
Has anyone gotten the socks yet?!

Samstag, 22. August 2009

Free surfboard!

now you can get a free surfboard (like the free psp & guitar)

What you have to do to get it:

1.) go to (click HERE to go there)

2.) write into the URL bar

3.) logg in and wait a few seconds

4.) logg out (and change your password! my friend got hacked by using a proxy :( )

Then the surfboard should be in your suite (in a gift)

Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

Limited Edition Bags

Hey guys,
after the guitar´s there are new limited things!!!
Now there are bags!!!
I like the brown and the pink bag, but I think 50 $ are to expensive!!!
What do you think?

Mittwoch, 19. August 2009

Hot Buys September 2009

Now you can see the Hot Buys of september in the stardoll magazine!

But this bag... - i think you now it, right?
It's the candie's bag, which has been in the starplaza since Kohl's was released.

I really love the black / pink dress, it reminds me of LE and i like the shoes and the top too ...

And you?
Which one of them is your favourite?

Dienstag, 18. August 2009

New hot buys top released

Yep, the new hot buys top was released today!
It cost 8$ and is for superstars. And it is inspired by Topshop

I personally like it, but i prefer the red one (the stardoll one is ... too pink.. for me ;) ...
I wil buy it in the next few days...

Do you like it..?
WIll you buy the top?

More pages in album

there's something new again...

Now ( i think it's only for ss -.-') you have up to 100 pages in your album!!

I'm so happy, that we have now more pages in our album...
Now we can make more cool pages etc...

What do you think about it..?

Mission - Help A Friend

I have a friend who search all DKNY from season one and two!!!
Her name is : Leyla244
I want to help her !!!
If anyone have old DKNY and want to sell it, than please do it !!!
She pay a lot, but don´t overact it !!!
Nobody spend 500 $ for Shoes or something else, for example!!!
So please please please sell your old DKNY to her, if you want !!!!
I don´t say that you have to do it !!!
I´m going to be very happy if you do this favor for me and of course for her !!!
Love you all so much,Waveo


New store???!
It`s called `Moxie Girlz`.
All the clothes are for Non-Superstars
and are very colourful. xD
And according to the blog Club Free Stuff,
I think this is supposed to be promoting a new product or something.

Montag, 17. August 2009

• New Play and Earn Game!!

There`s a new Okay-and-Earn game!
`Math Challenge`!

Samstag, 15. August 2009

How fair is that?!

Hey everybody, when I was checking out other dolls I saw this!

It´s the house of a Non-superstar!!!
This girl is Stardoll user at the 24.5.09, so she is new!!!
But other Non-superstars have four rooms!!!
I don´t know if this is a mistake of stardoll, but I think it´s not fair!!!
What do you think?
Did you seen this before?

Freitag, 14. August 2009

• OMGosh! Weirdddd!

Oh my Gosh!!
This is sooo weird!
I was making a club.
I named the club `Teal`.
Stardoll said that the name was available, but then,
it said `Sorry, but you cannot do that right now` or something like that.
So I made a different club, naming it `NeonKids`.
And that club was accepted normally.
When I went to my suite, it said that I had 4 clubs!
The clubs were Idol.Rocks, AllTimeLow.,
and both Teal and NeonKids!
So now I have 4 clubs!
this is weird!!
But weird in a somewhat good way. xD

Free t-shirt!

There's something free again ;D
What it is..?
Well, can you remember the free PSP and the guitar?
This time, you can get a free shirt of this campaign

What you have to do:

1.) go to (click HERE to go there now)
2.) write into the URL bar this link:
3.) logg into your account
4.) wait a few seconds and then logg out

The shirt must be in front of your closet (in a gift) now :)

Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

Schoolteacher Styled Oufits

Hey guys, there are new Styled outfits in the shop!!!

This Schoolteacher Styled Outfits is an education both retro and fashion forward. Pushing jeweled colors to extremes with great shapes, be-ribboned ties and portrait necklines. Slip into a body-hugging day dress charmingly topped with a cardigan or an ebony evening column with splashes of red. These silhouettes are strict, but it’s for your own good – because they make you look great from every angle.
Some of this clothes I really like!!!
What do you think?

• Styling Studios You Should Check Out #1

Every few days or so, I`m gonna post some Styling Studios that I think are worth looking at and playing with. ;]
I have provided a print screen of all the Styling Studios that I feature.
To play with them, or view them on Stardoll, just simple press the `[Click]` link.

ajnas Styling Studio
With beautiful make-up and clothing that everyone wants,
ajnas` Styling Studio is definitely worth checking out.

Gabisia9`s Styling Studio
A touch of summer. ;D

I guess that`s all for today. ;]
I`ll post more next time.