Montag, 15. März 2010

new store


there's a new store.

but it's only for people from the US (or Uk?? , i'm not sure)

so, if you are not from the country, just click here

and you get all clothes from the shop in your dressing room

do you like the shop?



kidyundkady hat gesagt…

Hab mir einige Teile besorgt.So der Renner sind die nich^^
Toller Blog =)
Weiter so
LG Jersey

♥Irma♥ hat gesagt…
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Aylin-Merve hat gesagt…

I ♥ your picture laura, but I
wanted to ask you how you do it with the images :O
So the body bend and so xDD
sorry that my english is Shit xDDD

Your Aylin(Anna);P