Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

NEW MAKE-UP brand coming!

There's a real brand coming called l'occitane

personally, i really love the lipsticks, its so natural, but you can be till creative with these colours.
And i hope none of the make-up shops, which are in the starplaza now, will leave...

What do you think about them?
(If you can see this pic here, just click HERE)

Here are some real pics:

UPDATE: it's out now.i cant see the shop, but under the 'new section' you can see, try and buy them.

i think the lipsticks are amazing and the blush too. but i dont really like the eyeshaddows...

and they are expensive too... but cheaper than LUXE.

What do you think about them?
WIll you buy any of them?

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