Sonntag, 5. September 2010

Make-over 18#

1.) MissLotsaSmiles

your doll is so pretty.... Well, i changed the hairstyle to the 1750sp one and dyed it black. i used the black and white eye pencil and the mascara. then i used the turquoise and black eyeshaddow and in the end the white one to finish the eyes. i used the brightest lipstick for your lips and the blush to finish the whole look. in the end i put the bunny ears on your doll.

2.) s-v-e-t-t-y-9-8
Your doll looks natural, so i decided to make the 'opposite of the look'. i changed the haircolour to black. i used the black and white eyepencil and both of your black mascaras for the eyes to make them a bit bigger. then i made 'shiny' lips with the red lipsticks. i put on your doll the black headband and the rose,which matches to the colour of the lip.

i hope you like it =]

coming up soon:


if you want one too, sign up in comments.
(also doing them with starpoint haircuts... 9000 and under!)


S-v-e-t-t-y-9-8 hat gesagt…

thx =) very pretty !

Anonym hat gesagt…

me ? 2210agnforever