Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

many new spoilers!

here are many new spoilers:

all these clothes will be in different colours (like the shoes)...
i think it will be the DIY shop again? (it isnt in starplaza anymore)
i think this clothes are basic to combinate it with others (like the DIY shop)...

but we will see what will happen ;)

What do you think about it?
will you buy any of them..?

(i hope its okay, that i have copied that picture from the stardollportal [click here to go there])


Kathi86 hat gesagt…

i really like the bags and shoes.
but the other items are great too :) and the colours are lovely!

angie21z hat gesagt…

the clothes are very pretty :)
they are all fabulous to combine them with oter clothes. and they are cheap :)