Freitag, 5. Juni 2009

new voile dress


i think some of you heard it yesterday.

There was a free dress in voile.

But today i got this mail:(sry, its german^^)

So, stardoll made a mistake...
I think it was cool that it was able to buy for a short time .

But it reminds you of the stardoll's 3rd b-day rdess, right?
Do you like the new voile dress?
Would you buy stardollars to get it (if you havent bought it before)?

I have it already but if i havent it, i wont buy stardollars, because i dont really like it...



party_jessy hat gesagt…

It's not very nice, but I've already buy it for 0 dollar.
I wouldn't buy more stardollars to get it :D

party_jessy hat gesagt…

It's not very nice, so I wouldn't buy more Starollars.
I've luck that i've buy it yesterday for 0 dollars..but I don't know how often i'll dress my doll with this dress xD