Samstag, 14. August 2010

make-up for non-ss

There's nothing new in stardoll. The hot buys top was released, there are no spoilers...

so, here's a tutorial for a make-up... especially for non-ss!!

it should be an inspiration for you and by the way, the MeDoll is snow_fairy7 ... its my 2nd account, which has never been ss, so it's a non-ss account ;]

(click to enlarge)

1.) Step 1 - put the 'harlequin face hearts' on your eyes. it doesnt look good now, but it will change in the next step.

2.) Step 2 - you put the tears on the eyes, to 'make' the eyes. the brown eyes will be good seen then.

3.) Step 3 - be patient! this is the step, which takes most of the time. put the moles around your eyes to make 'eyeshaddow' / 'eyeliner'. try to cover the edge of these hearts to make the eye look rounder.

you can add more or less moles, its up to you.

All together it will cost minimum 40$.. it might be more, but it depends how much moles you are using.
But it's easy to afford, because you have play & earn and you can even save the 1$ per day ;)

And i might make more 'tutorials' for non-ss make-up ;D


Chrissi145 hat gesagt…

LOVE it ;)

Elligrig13 hat gesagt…

Wow That's a great idea! ;D

xoxo ♥


Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice *_*