Montag, 16. August 2010

make-over 15#

1.) Nickschmidt

i like the hair, but i changed it, because it hides the eyes. i made smokey eyes and the sparkles of the Luxe eyeshaddow makes the eyes doesnt seem too dark. i put the blush on the cheeks and used the purple highlights to make a 'shiny' effect on the hair. i put off the piercing on the lip and put two moles under it.

2.) lemmy2

your doll is cute but i tried to make another look. i changed the hairstyle to a shorter one and used the black eyeshaddow as basis, then i used the pink one over it, and then again the black eyeshaddow to make it a bit darker. i used the blush to make a natural look and the lipsticks to make 'shiny' lips. at the end i put the two fake eyelashes on the eye and covered them on the right side with the bow.

i hope you like it =]

coming up soon:


if you want one too, sign up in comments.
(also doing them with starpoint haircuts... 9000 and under!)


Elligrig13 hat gesagt…

Ah-mazing makeover! ;D

xoxo ♥


Princess-Girl95 hat gesagt…

WOW. Good job :)