Samstag, 11. April 2009

Dress up as Miley Cyrus

hey guys,
i was on a webpage and there i saw Mily Cyrus.
And i thought that we can make the outfit on stardoll!

Here are 2 ways to get this outfit:
I know it isn't the same dress and colours, but i think its a similar look....
Dress: by ELLE (16$), top: by Stardoll (0$), belt: by Stardoll (3$), shoes: by DKNY (9$)

The second way to get the outfit from her.dress: by ELLE (16$), top: by Stardoll (5$), belt: by Bisou (4$) , shoes: by Fudge (5$)

3.) now the perfect make-up for the outfit:

Volumizing mascara (3$), legthening mascara (2$), black eye kohl (6$), forrest eyeshadow(5$)

You can use other colours, but this topic should be a inspiration for you.
I know, it isnt the same outfit, but i hope you like it!


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Kathi86 hat gesagt…

Tolle Tipps ;o)
Die Outfits ähneln wirklich
gut dem von Miley!