Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

Street Dancer Outfits

The hottest style that is emerging on the streets of every city right now - Street Dancer - is a free-for-all, break-out look to be worn in every day spaces. Inspired by hip-hop and its music, its about having a good time with your look and interpreting the existing styles freely - even inventing new ones to create a personal style of your own .Just as free-style dancers perform, improvisation is at the heart of this style and it's about being creative and bringing your personality to your look. Street Dancer Styled Outfits are based on a unique style for Stardolls who feel they can express themselves through colorful clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags and makeup and not forgetting your hairstyle. It's a form of art!
I like this Style!
And you?

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