Samstag, 25. April 2009

paintings© by my mum ^^

my mum has asked me to put up some of her paintings here on this blog.
and the want to know your opinion what you think of the pictures :p (she hopes something positive xD)

now the pictures:

1.) crocus
2.) flowers
3.) water lily
4.) red earth
5.) sun-flower
6.) sunset
7.) tuples

i know the quality isnt very high and the colours are in real a bit different...

please join the voting at your right ;D

now one picture from my painting xD

This post isnt about stardoll.... but i wanted to post it here xd
i hope you like it!


1 Kommentar:

Nick hat gesagt…

Your mother has painted? That looks really good. You can paint better than some famous artists are only spots on the canvas bring. A big congratulations to your mother!