Freitag, 27. August 2010

Make-over 17#

1.) 10julia07

i didnt change the haircut, because i like it and i juzst changed the haircolour. i put off the glasses and used the eyeshaddows to make it look like red and a bit black with white. i used the blush and the lipgloss too and in the end i put the rose on the hair.

2.) manyMister

your doll looks quite cute. i just changed the haircolour to a black and not the haircut. i used the purple eyeshaddow to make it darker and the white one to make it brighter. i used the lipstick to make the lips darker and i put the hot buys bow on your doll.

i hope you like it =]

coming up soon:


if you want one too, sign up in comments.
(also doing them with starpoint haircuts... 9000 and under!)


mathildamath hat gesagt…

ich finde sie alle sehr hübsch :D
I think they're all really beautiful

MandyMister hat gesagt…

great job! ;D
thank you very very much! ;)

Elligrig13 hat gesagt…

It's very cool making maeovers, isn't it? :D

xoxo ♥