Freitag, 20. August 2010

MSW shop OUT!

The Miss Staroll World - shop is out!

everything is for superstars, except two shirts for each 5$

What do you think?
WIll you buy any of them?


sasha_sushi hat gesagt…

some are alright :/

PwincessSara/Sara hat gesagt…

I think it's a bit odd that for a contest which is meant to be for all, it's mainly SS :S

I only like the black dress right at the end.

Elligrig13 hat gesagt…

Totally not buying anything!
It's so un-stylish! ;D

xoxo ♥


Princess-Girl95 hat gesagt…

There are too many clothes for SS -.-
No matter, because they don't really look pretty ..

Chrissi145 hat gesagt…

uhh... when that's the clothes when you become miss stardoll world are, then i won't be miss stardoll .... ;)