Samstag, 21. August 2010

stardoll archieve

The stardoll archieve has a new design, and a new re-releases!

one of them is the patchwork bag. The patchwork bag was released in ocotber 06 and was one of the hot buys. it was rare and many people (nearly me too) paid a lot for it.
i think its a rip off, that stardoll releases old and rare items...
(picture taken from

The other clothes were a time ago in starplaza and costed the double amount of stardollars. and the items are for non-superstars!
i'm not sure what i should thinka botu that... well, its good, its the half price and for non-ss, but its still a pity for people, who bought it for the original price...

what do you think?

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Chrissi145 hat gesagt…

Have bought it! a little bit unfair for them who bought it for 300 sd ^^