Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

New FREE hb shoes released

The now Hot Buys shoes have been released!

I think it's unbelievable, that they "only cost" 0$ !!! So, they are free, but also only for superstars and they are inspired by Faith.

I like them very much, but i prefer the original one ;D
And i'm so happy that i bought them for only 0$ !

What do you think abot it..?
Will you "buy" them? ;)


Jana1995 hat gesagt…

Yes I was yesterday at 0.00 at statdoll and then i saw them i thought it was a mistake from stardoll ! Are they still 0 $ ?

Cherries648/Neon hat gesagt…

This is awesome!

pilzilein hat gesagt…

This is so cool!!
Actually I didn't want to buy them...
At first I thought it was a glitch, but they are still 0$!!