Montag, 20. Juli 2009

New hb bag & new hb swimsuit


Today the new hot buys plastic bag came out!
Its cost 7$, is only for superstars and it's inspired by Jimmy Choo.

I really like this bag. I like the colour and i think it's easy to combinate it with others. (but i prefer the purple one;)

And sorry for posting about the swimsuit lately but i hadn't the time to do it:

The new hot buys swimsuit cam out on the 17th july.
It cost 10$ and it's inspired by Topshop. But i think it's pitty, that it is only for superstars.

i think both versions are pretty, but i prefer the stardoll-one, because it ismore colourful.

What do you think about the bag and the swimsuit...?
Will you buy any of them?

NOTE: Another comp will start soon -> top commentor
Another one is going on!


pilzilein hat gesagt…

The purse is so cute...
But i don't like the bodysuit...

dieBrInI06 hat gesagt…

I like them both. I've bought them, but you really can't wear them together :P

taranee25 hat gesagt…

I like both of them

mishka1997 hat gesagt…

I like both of them,but in real I bought only the bag xD .. just liked it more xD

Cherries648/Neon hat gesagt…

Both of them are alright, but I don`t think I`ll be buying them..

I like the purple purse more than the pink one. ;]