Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

50 Mio spoilers!!!

Hey, i was checking the spoilers again, when i found 50 million member spoilers!!

i'm curious, what will be for superstars and for non-superstars, or even free
but i really hope, everyone can buy the stuff, because it's something special. 50 million members is something special.
it should be cheap (or even free) nd avaible for everyone.

i read in a topic, that people asked stardoll and stardoll answered, we'll get 200$ free.
but i dont believe it. Why they are giving our 200$ for free?!
i think it's just a rumour.

what do you think about it?



supperstarvanni hat gesagt…

Wie heißt der link für spoiler??
what is the link for spoilers?
And here are the new amy mccormick clothes for the new shop


Nickschmidt hat gesagt…

I think, that Stardoll doesn't give 200 $ to us. Why? 200 Stardollar costs 5.98 Euro in Germany.

katara4 hat gesagt…

@nickschmidt: yeah, that's the point.
i think they were just joking.

@supperstarvanni: my secret ;]