Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

Hot buys sweater

Hey all =]

The new hot buys sweater was released today!!
It costs 13$ and.... is only for superstars -.-

but does anyone know, where it is inspired by??

This time i made an outfit:
hb sweater (evil panda) - 13$
Pants (evil panda)- 4$
bag (Kohl's) - 8$
shoes ( RIO) - 6$
TOTAL: 31$

i know, its a bit expensive, but it should be jsut an inspiration ;]

Will you buy the sweater?
Do you like it?

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Anchen hat gesagt…

Ich hab ihn mir schon gekauft , weil ich den echt süüß finde und ein HB Freak bin ;D
Lieb dich und deinen Blog
Lg Anchen