Montag, 8. Februar 2010

Tutorial: Shiny Lips

So, i made a tutorial for shiny lips on stardoll.

Maybe you have already seen some dolls with shiny lips.
if not, here are two girls: FC_account and CzArSy.

How to make it:

1st step: take a lip stick, which is darker than your lips. it shows a little bit more depth.

2nd step: now take a brighter one and use it too. now the lips have more effect.

3rd step: to finish the look, you take the brightest lip stick and use it in the middle of the lips. but you can leave a small stripe of your natural lip colour (it depends on the lip colour).

remember: you 'are drawing' stripes!

it doesnt matter which skin colour you have, it looks always amazing ;]


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miniminou94 hat gesagt…

ich finde es toll, ich habe es auch gleich ausprobiert und es sieht super aus :)