Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

Reader´s Choice

Hey guys,
this week I thought about a special theme for Reader´s Choice: Chanel food!
I don´t even know how I get this idea, but I think it´s quit awesome!

1. Chanel Cupcake

2. Chanel Ice-cream

3. Chanel Lollipop

4. Chanel Chocolates

5. Chanel Fast-food

So what do you think what is the most creative and delicious food?
And what do you think about the idea about chanel food?
Love, Waveo


cookie9988 hat gesagt…

I think that the lollipop is the cutest!! :D
Thats what i'm voting for!

Claudia1.9.9.5. hat gesagt…

The cupcakes are really sweeeeeeeeeeeet ^.^

Anonym hat gesagt…

i think the lollipop is very cute, but i think i´d like the cupcakes more :D

Jule_1507 hat gesagt…

i like the lollipop :3
but the ice-cream and the cupcakes are also good :D