Dienstag, 1. September 2009

Free blouse!

there's a free Hannah Montana blouse!

How to get it:

1.) you have to use a manual proxy... in this post is the instruction: click HERE

2.) but try this number: port 80
or this ones: port 80

(Have you used other numbers? then tell us in comments ;)

3.) then write into the URL bar: stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1350765

4.) just wait.. it takes the time to load.. if it loaded, scroll down , then there should be this:

Then click on the first picture and watch this video...

5.) then you should got the blouse and turn off the manual proxy :)

NOTE: Do NOT forget to vote for the polls beneath ;)


Juliia_x3 hat gesagt…

i already got it yesterday

Cherries648/Neon hat gesagt…

Thanks! :D