Mittwoch, 23. September 2009

FREE dress

today hsm2donya96 asked me, where a girl got this dress:

Well, i searched then different proxys and tried some, and i found one...

How to get the dress:

1.) go to:
(and click then enter in the URL bar, which will be on this new webpage^^)

2.) logg in and wait a few seconds

3.) logg out (and change your password again... just for your safety..)

then it should be in your suite (in a gift)

Btw... do you like it?
And do you know other proxys, where you can get it, too? ^^


Juliia_x3 hat gesagt…

thanks :)

women's clothing hat gesagt…

Thanks for this,

Water filter hat gesagt…

First time here at this blog. this blog match with my choice. I wanna to visit here very often. thanks for this nice dress.