Sonntag, 6. September 2009

• Top 3 Stores on Stardoll [Sept.6`o9]

The Top 3 Stores on Stardoll
[In my opinion]

Okay, so I`m going to post my opinion of what the best stores on Stardoll are, as of September
6th`, 2oo9.
Enjoy`! ;D

1. Bisou
Okay, who doesn`t love this shop?
No matter what your style is, there is something in this store for you.
You can find a beret here, or maybe an Agyness Deyn inspired jacket.
And the store includes clothing and shoes for both Non-Superstars and Superstars,
so everyone can have a little taste of Bisou. :3
Full of ripped jeans and exotic patterns, Bisou is sure to land the #1 spot on this list.

2. Splendid
Accessories can make or break an outfit, be sure to choose yours wisely..
at Splendid! Add a little something to match those heels, or maybe something to pop out and shimmer!
There are both Superstar items and Non-Superstar ones here. (:
Accessories are just as important as clothing itself, so don`t forget to grab something from Splendid!

3. Basics
`Really? Basics? But the clothes there are so plain!`
Yes, there certainly are, but something plain can equal something totally extraordinary!
Just a simple tube top and skirt from Basics can create the perfect outfit!
Basics has skirts, shirts, tees, shorts, pants, capris, flip-flops, flats.... and in almost every colour!
Except black.. did Stardoll forget to include black, the most important colour in fashion?
Oh my..
Well, anyways, Basics is still an awesome store, and it`s all Non-Superstar and cheap!



katara4 hat gesagt…

i totally agree with bisou....
i love this store.. so great clothes *-* .. lol
and i love splendid too...
basics.. i havent much basics clothes on this acc here... but i like this store too.. ^^

but i think kohl's is also great ^^

Juliia_x3 hat gesagt…

love bisou, love splendid but basics.. no. don´t like it