Sonntag, 6. September 2009

Smokey eyes (tutorial)

i decided to make some make-up tutorials for you...
i'll try to post every week one or two tutorials here.

so, here's the 1st one :)


(click to enlarge)

1.) Mascara - i used a volumizing mascara for the first step.

2.) white eyeshadow - i took the white eyeshadow to bring out the eyes

3.) grey eyeshadow - i took the grey eyeshadow (the darker one - sry, but it isnt in the starplaza anymore, because its from sephora :-/). i put it near to the eyelashes, but i left some white.

4.) black eye pencil - i think this is the most important step for this look. Wear the black eye pencil on the upper part of the eye on. That stresses the eyes more.

5.) black eyeshadow - Wear the black eyeshadow close to the eyelashes - a little bit gray should be left.

6.) black eye pencil - Put the black eye pencil on your eye again to perfect it a bit.

7.) white eye pencil - The white eyepencil is also important, it make the eye stand out a bit more, so it look better.

7.) White eye pencil - to make the eye stand out a bit more, so it looks better

8.) Blush – to finish the make-up

And you have finished your make-up!

i hope you like it ;D

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Juliia_x3 hat gesagt…

how cool is that !?
love it, but I´m not a ss :(