Freitag, 25. September 2009

October Hot Buys 2009

Hey everybody,
here are the new Hot Buys clothes for October!!!

I really like the colours and the clothes!!!
My favourite´s are the dress, the overknee botts, the jacket and the little purse!!!

And this haircut is very cool !!!

What do you think about it?
What´s your favourite?



Juliia_x3 hat gesagt…

love the doll.. the hair is awesome <3

katara4 hat gesagt…

yeah, the hair is awesome *-*
it should be a new haircut (maybe a starpoint-reward? ^^)

and i really like them *-*

Water filter hat gesagt…

Very nice doll with awesome hair style. I like it very much.

Dreamhorse99 hat gesagt…

I just LOVE the dress, the blouse, and these 2 bags... WOW!

♥ ♥ ♥