Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Baby Phat

Hey everybody,
there is a new shop in the Starplaza!!!

It called "baby phat" and is inspiried by Limona Lee Simmens!!!

I really like this clothes, because you can mixed them with other clothes!
Ant I like the interior design too!!!

But they are a little bit expensive!!!
Most things of them are cost over 10 stardollars!

What do you think about it?
Do you like this clothes?



Dreamhorse99 hat gesagt…

Yes, I love 'em too! But they're only ss! :(

Dreamhorse99 hat gesagt…

Her name is Kimora not Limora ;)

Water filter hat gesagt…

These cloths are very nice but the problem is cost. As you said that these all little expensive.

women's clothing hat gesagt…

Your every collection is superb. But i can only admire that.

Stardoll lover hat gesagt…

cool clothes =]

Stardoll lover hat gesagt…

i luv ittt