Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

FREE dress


you can get a free dress now ;D

If you are from the UK you got it already , i think...

So, you can get it with yousung proxys too...

* go to or
* write into the URL bar:
* logg in
now you have to search the parts of the dress.

Just go to your:

- Medoll editor
- Album
- Gb
- Starbazaar
- Dolls & Games
- Help

on each of these, you will see a part of the dress; just click on it.....

* if you have found every piece of it, logg out (and change your password.. - just for your safety!)

The dress is now in your suite...

Oh, and if you dont want to make it with a proxy, you can buy it in the starbazaar - we are able to sell it ;D

And i really love the dress *-*

And, what about you? ^^

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_RIHANNA_FAN_ hat gesagt…

Hab das kleid nicht bekommen :(