Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

Moxie Girls Stardesign!

Moxie Girls Stardesign!
You can now design Moxie Girls clothing!
And it`s all for Non-Superstars! :D

In my opinion, I don`t really like the Moxie Girls design templates,
or the Moxie Girls clothes..
But I love the Moxie Girls Pantyhose design template because it`s exactly the same as the regular Stardesign pantyhose design template! :D
So I`ve been designing pantyhose. :]

What are your opinions on the new Moxie Girls Stardesign? :]


katara4 hat gesagt…

i dont have this 'moxie girls' design studio... i'm not from usa ... i'm from austria ;P

maybe we (the ppl who are form another country) can use a proxy to go there :D

Stardoll lover hat gesagt…

i can't see it