Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

FREE wings & tv


i think i'm the first person, who knows it... ^.^ ... lol

anyway, you get get a free Tv and free wings !!

Just follow these steps:

1.) go to schoolunlock.info
2.) write into the URL bar: stardoll.com/en/cinema
3.) logg in and wait a few seconds
4.) logg out (and change your password...- just for you safety!)

In front of your closed should be a gift now... =)


DawnOfMidnight hat gesagt…

Thanks! x

Miss_Tascha hat gesagt…

voll cool danke

tontozoo hat gesagt…

I got it for free without doing anything. I just went to my suite and it was there. Then I went on blogger and yay I didn't have to do anything!

Rafi101 hat gesagt…

I get it!!
it´s very cool!! Thx!!

Stardoll lover hat gesagt…

i luv it =]