Montag, 25. Januar 2010

February Hot Buys 2010

Hey guys,
the new Hot Buys are in the magazin!!!

The clothes are really cool, but there are not remind me on winter!!!
Something will be in the OTTO shop!
I like the dress, the green jacket, the arm cluff, the jeans and the shoes!
What´s your favourite Hot Buys?
Love, Waveo


Zoe Z33 hat gesagt…

I love them all. I don't know which I'll save up to buy?

Zoe xoxo

mathildamath hat gesagt…

The arm cuff is already in OTTO shop and I prefer the bow, the dress of the doll and the batic tee

mathildamath hat gesagt…


I am here with the latest news from!
1)The Decade of the Teens floor is away but still avaible
2) there were some Australian items released in starplaza
3) The monthly sale is there

Please give credit to stardollschool

mathildamath hat gesagt…

If u log in with a proxy site like you will get a free bird and cage


Sorry if I tell so many news, I could leave it if u want so please tell me :-)