Montag, 25. Januar 2010

You want to be MeDoll of the day?

Hey guys,
you might thought what the MeDoll of the Day is!
Every day I show you one MeDoll wich catch me in my eyes!

Here are some of them:

Now I search the next MeDolls of the day: You

Sign up in comments if you want to be a MOTD and I will show you here!!!



cherry-mouse hat gesagt…

It will be great if I be the next Medoll of the day xoxo

Jule_1507 hat gesagt…

I would like the medoll of the next day too, that would be great!

mathildamath hat gesagt…

mathildamath is my name and I would love to be the MedollOfTheDay!

sezena. hat gesagt…

my stardoll name is;
full stop included

Lillyandmile/Lilly hat gesagt…

oo i would love to b medoll of the day!
username: Lillyandmile

Zoe Z33 hat gesagt…

What a lovely idea.

My username is: Theshinystar

But you can call me Zoe :)

Zoe xoxo

Chloebaby[: hat gesagt…

I'd love to be medoll of the day :o
my stardoll name is Elleeae (:

Lollipopili hat gesagt…

It would be Great if i'm, the next M;odel of the Day :D
xDD Lol :D

Gemmapywell hat gesagt…

i would lurrrvee to be medoll of the day. x]
Gemmapywell is mee. xD

Super-girl.8 hat gesagt…

I'd love to be model of the day :)
Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

Anonym hat gesagt…

I would like be your MOTD please ^^
My name is:

xoxo Kitty

Rockypank hat gesagt…

'*~I am?!~*'