Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

New Activity - Reader´s Choice

Hey everyone!
I think it´s time to present our new activity for this blog!
I called Reader´s Choice!
Every week I present you five clothes, and you can tell us what you would like to see in Stardoll !
Here are the five things:

1. Shoes by Versace

2. Shoes by Chanel

3. Shoes by Cucci

4. Shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti

5. Shoes by DKNY

Now it´s up to you to tell us what you would buy in Stardoll !!!
Love, Waveo


Kathi86 hat gesagt…

No. 1 in pink :D

katara4 hat gesagt…

i love the shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti ... *-*

Gemmapywell hat gesagt…

number 4. ♥

Jule_1507 hat gesagt…

number three :3

Coquelicot hat gesagt…

Hi !
Number 1 ! It's totaly original !

Zoe Z33 hat gesagt…

No. 3

It's just unique and different :)

Zoe xoxo

cookie9988 hat gesagt…

The Chanel Shoes are my favourites...