Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010



When i logged in, this showed up:

(click to enlarge)

I know, my superstar-membership is going to expire this year, but why they need to tell it to me this way???

i think, it would be better, when users will get this message, when their superstar-membership ends in one weeks, you now...

but i'll be still superstar next month, 2 months... etc...

That's a point where i'm a bit disappointed...

have you seen it too??


mathildamath hat gesagt…

There are very many hidden VOILE items and the layout of the new archive floor has changed + the HB rompers are away.

Read more at my blog:www.stardollschool4you.blogspot.com

Cool blog:-D mathildamath

Pingulina5000 hat gesagt…

So for me this message even came!
I was actually a little long superstar but what kind of a mental deficiency?
Annoys me, the total comes the annoying message so ne
So I think that's impossible!