Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

Vote for your music


i just want to tell you again, that YOU can vote for the music, which should be on this blog....

only 2 songs has been nominated now:

Videophone - beonce feat lady gaga
look for me - chipmunks

So, if you know other goods songs... just tell them in coments and nominate them (i'll put them into a poll soon) =]

you can choose more than one song if you want



Pingulina5000 hat gesagt…

I think the best of Beyoncé ft Lady Gaga Video Phone!

Gemmapywell hat gesagt…

are we only going to choose one song?

katara4 hat gesagt…

no, you can choose more songs! ^^

Nickschmidt hat gesagt…

Only two?
I believe Be and GaGa are the best ;)

Lillyandmile/Lilly hat gesagt…

yay for adding that song :)
here are a few:
-lady gaga bad romance
-kesha tik tok
-black eyed peas meet me halfway
-n-dubz i need u
-beyonce broken hearted girl
-beyonce sweet dreams
- K.IG headz shoulderz kneez and toez
-Jason derulo watcha say
-sugababes about a girl
-rihanna russian roullette
-taylor swift love story
-mariah carey obsessed
-cheryl cole 3 words
-flo rida low
-sean kingston fire burning

Lol i know its alot but i love ma music! :D

cookie9988 hat gesagt…

telephone by lady gaga and beyonce

Izzy hat gesagt…

I don't really like Video phone... I just LOVE Alejandro & So happy I could die from Lady Gaga!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Gemmapywell hat gesagt…

Doesn't anybody like Look for me by Chipmunk? D: