Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

Free guitar & PSP

there's free stuff again..!
Now you can get a free guitar and a free PSP!

What you have to do:

1.) go to (click HERE to go there)

2.) write into the URL bar , enter

3.) logg in - now the PSP is in your suite!

4.) write into the URL bar now: , enter

5.) then there will come this pictures:

6.) just wait a few seconds (the video doesn't load), then logg out.

The guitar and the PSP are now in your suite (in gifts)

and as you can see on the last picture there will be more free.... i can't wait ;D

Did you get it...?
Do you like them?


Anonym hat gesagt…

Danke ;)
Hat bei mir (wie immer bei deinen Cheats^^) geklappt xD

Cherries648/Neon hat gesagt…

I got it!

pilzilein hat gesagt…

Got it already.
I like the guitar, although lilac isn't my favourite colour... ;)
I'm glad you get it so easy & don't need a manual proxy...