Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

wizard club with free stuff

Yep, there's something free again ;D

(click to enlarge)

How to join the club:

1.) go to (i think there it works too) or use a manual proxy.
* the numbers for the manual proxy: port 3128 port 80 port 80

2.) go to

3.) join the club

As you can see, if there are more members (like the jonas brothers club or princess club...) you can win something, like stardollars, a t-shirt etc.

I heard too, if you go to the start page of stardoll, that you have to click there something to get a magic wand, book and a stone (?) (you can see them in the last spoilers!) - but this doesnt work for me -.-'

I hope i could help you!


Cherries648/Neon hat gesagt…

I heard that you can just use
I haven`t tried the proxy SITE though.
The proxy numbers worked for me though. (:
I joined the club yesterday. ^^

CzArSy hat gesagt…

AMM it wont let me press join club O_o

Anonym hat gesagt…

if it dont let u join try refreshing. XD

the magical stone wand and book does work. but does anyone have proof?

Check it!