Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

More Kohl's - more MUDD


Stardoll has released more Mudd clothes today!
When Kohl's came out there weren't many clothes of Mudd - so, now they are there :D

i really like them... especially the plaid shirt and the black top, but the jean isn't my style.
I think the prices are so-so...

And when i see this blue top, it reminds me on the old MKA-collection!

What do you think about it..?
Will you buy any of them?


Cherries648/Neon hat gesagt…

I like the Plaid shirt! ^^

I don`t like the flared jeans though...
Too .. flared. XD

pilzilein hat gesagt…

I absolutely LOVE the plaid shirt!
Totally my style. ;D
The black & orange shirts are nice but a bit plain.