Montag, 24. August 2009

Tutorial: Use a Proxy(Firefox)

You can also see it on my Website with pictures!

I will show you, how to set up a proxy with Firefox, using the addon "FoxyProxy".

1. Download and install FoxyProxy

2. Go to or , and look for a Proxy.

3. If you found a Proxy in your desired country, mark it, rightclick it then click on FoxyProxy, and select "Set as new Host"
, New Proxy and name it

4. Then activate it.

Note: Your connection with Firefox is now quite slow. Google and other websites may not work correctly, 'cause you are then from an other county ;)

Have fun. If you have trouble with Proxies, or any other stuff with your computer, just ask me!
If you are using Internet Explorer, you should use another one, 'cause it's an unsafe browser. Instead I recommend Firefox, Safari or Opera.

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