Dienstag, 18. August 2009

Mission - Help A Friend

I have a friend who search all DKNY from season one and two!!!
Her name is : Leyla244
I want to help her !!!
If anyone have old DKNY and want to sell it, than please do it !!!
She pay a lot, but don´t overact it !!!
Nobody spend 500 $ for Shoes or something else, for example!!!
So please please please sell your old DKNY to her, if you want !!!!
I don´t say that you have to do it !!!
I´m going to be very happy if you do this favor for me and of course for her !!!
Love you all so much,Waveo


Waveo hat gesagt…

Mark this text because there is a problem and you can´t see two phrases!!!

mishka1997 hat gesagt…

U mean,coz she will give 500$ for shoes? Serious?

Waveo hat gesagt…

No, I mean that nobody give 500 $ for shoes!!!

funky_ana hat gesagt…

petra10 is selling DKNY offshoulder dress for $400 :)