Montag, 24. August 2009

• Avril Lavigne PERFUME?! FREE?

I was playing Celeb Quiz, when I saw a comment saying `account for sale`.
So then I went to this person`s suite,
and guess what I found?
The Avril Lavigne Black Star perfume that has been all over the spoilers!
This girl has it!
And it`s free!!
I don`t know how to get it though..
Does anyone know how to get it?
And has anyone seen the Avril Lavigne clothes that have also been all over the spoilers?!


funky_ana hat gesagt…

I'm not sure how to get that but clothes are in StarPlaza.Search black and pink,dress,skirt,shirt and shoes.They are somewere on last pages. ~> post on stardollfashionpassion soon ;)

CzArSy hat gesagt…

i do !!!!
mail me and ill tell you how!

10julia07 hat gesagt…

lovely.Girl.Too has clothes