Sonntag, 2. August 2009

Hot Buys skirt released!

the new hot buys skirt has been released!

It cost 8$, i think the price is okay, is only for superstars and is inspired by Sass&Bide.

I think the skirt is okay, but i also think it's too simply. The purple bow is a 'highlight', but there are still other , better skirts than this one here.
I think i'll buy it (collectors must have all), because the price is also 'cheap'

What do you think about it..?
Will you buy it?


pilzilein hat gesagt…

I don't like it... just not my style...
And it kind of reminds me of another Hot Buys skirt, also black with a purple bow, that was released some time ago...

Cherries648/Neon hat gesagt…

It`s alright..
I like the bow.
I`ll consider buying it.
And it`s cheaper
than I thought
it would be,
so that`s good.