Dienstag, 11. August 2009

Look Like Scarlet Johanson

i was a bit bored and i searched some stars to make the same outfit ....

So, i found Scarlett Johanons, and i tried to make the outfit :)

Sunglasses, Splendid - 4$
Top, Stardesign - 4$
Belt, RIO - 3$
Shorts, Bisou - 3$
Shoes - search black, shoes ; on the 3rd page - 4$
TOTAL: 18$

You can also use another top or shorts, which you already have or other shoes...

i like this outfit, it's quite simply and cheap ;) I also like the colour...

Do you like it?


mishka1997 hat gesagt…

I like the graphic! xDD

Anonym hat gesagt…

grle i really luv Scarlet Johnson